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I dont know...have u guys been noticing that newgrounds pretty much 3 words....Starting to Die?


LOL. anyways guys been a long time since a have come online. BUT basically what happend is:  something was pretty Dame WRONG with my pc. there was 1 day i tried to sign in but it said someone was trying to steel my ID so i tried evreyday...........and at some point i gave up. i almost comepletly forgot about newgrounds. so i tried 1 other day for the last time. and  yeah i finally got in. so u can expect me to be online MUCH MORE THEN EVER. so yeah.


this is so funny please... if u  enjoy this video please like it share  it and fan...........


2014-10-17 12:15:21 by supersonicnumber1



  1. what is your favorite food?
  2. how long have ya been on NG?
  3. what's your favorite color?
  4. what is your favorite Movie/Game on NG?

      5.   when is your birthday?

  and that was that. oh yeah: check this out!i sonic wicked?

what country were you guys supporting? i was supporting Nigeria even if they were out in  Round 2 already.


2014-07-10 10:50:50 by supersonicnumber1

is it true that newgrounds's chat  has been taken down?????????


2014-07-04 10:47:19 by supersonicnumber1

i need help! how do i mak art (digital art) please


2014-06-28 05:06:39 by supersonicnumber1

School is over.just when i thought a week will feel like a month.... it felt like 1 day! 


your mama so fat contest!

2014-03-06 03:51:15 by supersonicnumber1

me and a girl started a rapping contest against each other! so let me just skip over to what we said.

she:your mama so fat when here pimper goes up poeple think she is baking up.

me:well your mama is so fat when she goes to the cinema she sits next to evryone!

she:well your mama is fat when she goes to a restaurant,she looks at the menu and says uuuuuhh ok!

me:well your mama is so fat,she has to wake-up in section!

she:well your mama is so fat, it takes her 3 busses 2 trains 1 Taxi to get to the other side.

me:well your mama is so ugly they had to  move halloween to her birthday!

she:well your mama  is so fat she entered the bath and said oh yeah!

me: well your mama is so fat she looked at the  paper and speld  boobala

she:i saw your mama on the street and then she died!

please tell which was best by commenting!